& Internal doors

We have a huge selection of interior and exterior doors,
plus refurbished original handles and door furniture

ExternalInternalDoor furniture
& Surrounds

We have a huge selection of fireplaces, surrounds, grates & baskets.

Combination Combination tiledDog grates & basketsHob gratesInsertsInserts tiledSurroundsTiles
& Timber

We have a selection of oak & pine reclaimed floor boarding

& Garden
  • Commercial furniture
  • Bespoke tables
  • Bespoke butchers blocks
  • Metal framed furniture
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  • Standard door: £25 +VAT
  • Larger door: £30 +VAT
  • Other items POA
  • Collect & return service
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  • Custom gates & railings
  • Fireplace repair
  • Cast iron repair
  • Foundry casting
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  • Timber re-sawing
  • Plane and machine
  • Collect & return service
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We are a working salvage yard in Bristol;
large selection of doors, fireplaces, timber, lighting ...

The company was born one Monday morning in 2009, by two time served has beens, with no premises, capital, assets of £150 cash and a post office van called Daisey.

So first off we went to the bank to have a chat with their main frame computer. It couldn't grasp the genius plan and we were shown the door, oak circa 1850.

But our two heros knew one thing, along the path of desperation, their inspiration and sure enough the very next day they ran into an eccentric scrap dealer, a collector of the unusual. He took us to his house, where in the garden there was 11 ice cream vans, 11 tanks, of the septic nature arranged like ornaments.

In the house were 290 Victorian fireplaces along with his wife who was non too pleased. The good lady was going to leave him if they weren’t shifted. We shook hands with brewster on favorable terms.
The fireplaces changed hands, a yard was rented and we were in business. Nowadays things are a little different with a permanent premises, permanent staff, accountants and nowadays our computer is in cahoots with the banks.

For the romantics out there, you’ll be happy to hear brewster and his wife have now had their second baby.

Please browse through our brand new website and we do hope its easy to use. Or please do call us directly if you have any questions.

Warmest regards
Tim and Charlton



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